Registration Information

This is not for requesting booth space, this is for registering individuals to attend the show.


Note:  To register for the Commercial Agriculture Recertification, a separate program, you must register here (NOT AVAILABLE YET)

Regular Registration Fees
Any visitor that does not fit the below categories may attend the conference for the regular registration fees as follows.
  • $50: Early Registration
  • $60: Regular Registration and On-Site Registration
  • $30: Thursday Only Walk Ins
Registration Categories

Ag Retailer/Grain Elevator: $50 early/$60 regular
Are you an employee (or the spouse of an employee) of an ag retailer or grain elevator? If so, you may register in this category.

Exhibitors: $50 early/$60 regular
Is your company exhibiting? If so, you may register in this category. 

Roaming Exhibitor: $350 Member/$850 Non-member
Do you wish to solicit business at Ag Expo? Then you can register in this category, or you can sign up for a booth. Roaming exhibitors do not have an exhibitor table but may solicit business at Ag Expo. Companies registered as roaming exhibitors will be listed in the program's exhibitor list. The rules for exhibitors (aside from booth specifications) also apply to all roaming exhibitor registrants-please carefully review this information.

Student Attendee: Complimentary
High school, tech school or college students may attend Ag Expo for no fee, but this must be pre-arranged through the school.

Solicitors not Registering as Exhibitors
The SDABA hosts the Ag Expo as a convenience for companies wishing to solicit business. Every individual or firm that engages in solicitation or recruiting during Ag Expo must register as an exhibitor and pay an exhibitor fee. Solicitation and recruiting are defined as conducting any of the following activities anywhere on the conference hotel property, lobby, hallways, and meeting rooms or in the exhibit hall:
  1. Distributing literature, brochures, corporate name/logo items or electronic media promoting a company, or its products or services.
  2. Wearing or carrying any button, badge or sign promoting a company, or its products or services (logo apparel is normally acceptable but the Ag Expo Committee reserves the right to determine acceptability).
  3. Verbally prospecting for buyers of a company's products or services; verbally making a sales pitch or proposal that promotes a company, its products or services.
It is the policy of Ag Expo to treat a company as an exhibitor if they have ever been an exhibitor at a previous Ag Expo's. Other companies will be considered exhibitors by the nature of their business, their services and their clientele. The Ag Expo Committee reserves the right to make the final determination as to who qualifies as an exhibitor and will be assessed exhibitor fees.