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Recent Ransomware Attacks Target Agriculture

Two major cooperatives have been victims of ransomware attacks in the past week, one in Iowa, and one in Minnesota. BlackMatter has taken responsibility for the attacks, and is made up of Russian-speaking attackers who code in Russian. The group's blog says it doesn't conduct attacks on organizations in industries that include healthcare, critical infrastructure, oil and gas, defense, nonprofits, and government, Recorded Future reports.

The food and agriculture sector struggles with the fact that both modern and decades-old technology exists in each individual operation, and even more so in the larger supply chain. Budgets, technical projects, cybersecurity, and business risk mitigation efforts are all affected. Source: MSN

According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, ransomware is commonly delivered through phishing emails or via “drive-by downloads.” Phishing emails often appear as though they have been sent from a legitimate organization or someone known to the victim and entice the user to click on a malicious link or open a malicious attachment. A “drive-by download” is a program that is automatically downloaded from the internet without the user’s consent or often without their knowledge. It is possible the malicious code may run after download, without user interaction. After the malicious code has been run, the computer becomes infected with ransomware.

According to Infotech Solutions, LLC out of Madison, SD, not all breaches are preventable, but there are steps companies can take to make them a less accessible target to the hackers. It is also very helpful for all employees to know how to recognize and avoid phishing scams. Infotech offers a free network security health check for SDABA and SDGFA members. Contact [email protected] or call 605.223.5400 if you are interested.

We are searching for the 2022 TAL Class!

The South Dakota Agri-Business Association (SDABA) will select up to 10 promising leaders to participate in our fourth annual leadership enhancement program to begin in January 2022. The application can be found online here.

The TAL (Tomorrow’s Ag Leaders) Program is open to all members of the South Dakota Agri-Business Association (SDABA). All applicants must submit an application, two letters of reference, and a color photo by November 1, 2021. Those selected are required to attend and participate in all sessions, complete an Ag Advocacy project, and pay a $500 fee to offset the program costs. The class is limited to ten participants.

SDABA Professional Applicator of the Year Award Nominations Now Being Accepted- Deadline November 5, 2021

Custom applicators in South Dakota spend hundreds of hours in the field every year, applying fertilizer and crop protection products on millions of crop acres. This award showcases the hard work professional applicators put into caring for crops and customers, as well as their involvement in their communities. We are proud to recognize these outstanding people and feel they deserve all the thanks they can get. The winner will be announced at Ag Expo on January 19 in Sioux Falls, and receives $250!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Nominators: Each Nominator must be a member of the SD Agri-Business Association (SDABA) or work for a company that is a member of the SDABA.
  • Candidates/Nominees: Each Candidate must be a custom applicator of agricultural chemicals or an ag retailer operator that has the primary job of operating application equipment.
  • There is no limit to the number of Nominations a Nominator may submit, however, a Nominator may only submit one (1) nomination for any one Candidate. A Nominator may not submit a Nomination for himself/herself.
  • For full terms and conditions, please go to our Applicator of the Year website.

South Dakota Pesticide Container Recycling Collection Dates Announced 

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources is again offering pesticide container recycling services across the state. The list of 2021 dates and locations is available now, with the first collection event on July 12, 2021 in Herreid and Selby, S.D. The recycling collection concludes on September 10 with in Rapid City and Wall. The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources offers the pesticide container recycling services at no cost.  Click here for the locations and dates.

Containers accepted for recycling:

  • Must be triple rinsed.
  • Be high density polyethylene plastic of 2.5 gallon capacity or less.
  • Contain no visible pesticide residue inside or outside the container.
  • Contain no more than 0.5 fluid ounces of clear water.
  • When possible, be delivered with labels on the container.

Containers collected on site are ground up and sent to a facility which utilizes the plastic to make other agricultural products such as fence posts. Container recycling not only cleans up pesticide storage areas but also keeps the plastic out of municipal landfills. Remember, in South Dakota it is illegal to burn pesticide containers.

If you are unable to make it to one of the scheduled dates you may contact Missouri Valley Recycling Center in Vermillion at (605) 677-7076 or the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources at (605) 773-3153 during regular business hours to make arrangements.

Ag Expo 2022!!!!

Yes, we are having Ag Expo January 19-20, 2022!  We are excited to get together with all of you again, so please mark this on your calendars.   HERE IS THE LINK FOR THE ROOM BLOCK AT THE SHERATON:   Book your group rate for AG EXPO South Dakota Agri Business Association.   More information will be coming out in September!

New Dicamba Labels

We've posted the new dicamba information for Engenia, Xtendimax and Tavium on our Dicamba page.  We continue to communicate with the SD Department of Agriculture regarding any potential additional restrictions to the use of dicamba in 2021. If such changes take place we will notify you immediately.

Here is a nice chart provided by USEPA that shows the major differences between the previous label and the new labels.

Dicamba training will again be required for certified applicators who wish to apply dicamba in 2021. 

Regulatory Alerts

Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

On November 2015 USEPA revised the worker protection standards to implement more protection for agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. Most of the revised WPS standards became effective on January 2018.  The WPS requires commercial pesticide handler employers to provide specific information and protections to workers, handlers when WPS-labeled pesticide products are used on agricultural establishments in the production of agricultural plants.  Additional resources on Worker ...more





Items of Interest

Governor Noem Announces Merging of Agriculture and Environment and Natural Resources Departments Governor Kristi Noem announced the South Dakota Departments of Agriculture and Environment & Natural Resources will merge to form the streamlined South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  Hunter Roberts, the current Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, will be tapped to oversee the new department. Beginning September 8, and until the merger is complete, Roberts will serve as interim Secretary of Agriculture while continuing to also lead the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

South Dakota Nutrient and Education Council (NREC)

The South Dakota Legislature passed a bill in 2016 creating and funding the Nutrient Research and Education Council.  The purpose of the Council is to request, evaluate, fund and share the findings of nutrient research projects.  NREC is funded with 50 cents per ton of fertilizer as part of the fertilizer tonnage fee collected each year by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.

The Council is made up of representatives from organizations of the fertilizer industry, growers, commodities, specialty fertilizer, environmental, and certified agronomy as well as the Ag Experiment Station, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Department of Agriculture, and meets at least twice each year.

Current research projects and reports can be found at   

ResponsibleAg - Committed. Compliant. Safe. 

Over 2,560 facilities have registered with the ResponsibleAg Certification Program.  1,395 are currently certified, many of which are in their second cycle becoming re-certified. We encourage you to visit to learn more and see the list of participating members.  Click here to read why your peers are in the program. If you aren't registered, don't delay - register today!

ResponsibleAg is an industry-led initiative committed to helping agribusinesses properly store and handle farm input supplies. The program helps members ensure they are compliant with environmental, health, safety and security regulations to keep employees, customers and our communities safe.



SDABA Partner Sponsorships

ONE Ask. ONE Investment. 365 Promotion. Become a 2021 Partner Sponsor!

Through the 2021 SDABA Partner Program, SDABA members receive promotional opportunities through the rest of 2020 and all of 2021. Don't wait, commit to a sponsorship by January 8th to guarantee promotion in the virtual Annual Meeting. Sponsor benefits are outlined here.

Fill out a form with your commitment!

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