Agronomy and Applicator Olympics

Test your knowledge, and win cash! The Agronomy and Applicator Olympics are conducted at the annual Ag Expo and are your chance to win some cash (and maybe learn something?)! Get a team together, then visit participating booths and answer the questions. There are two categories: Agronomy and Applicator. The challenge is open to all employees of Dealer and Branch members of the South Dakota Agri-Business Association (SDABA).

Join the Winners Circle!

South Dakota's Best Agronomy Teams are:

  • 2024:  Central Farmers Coop, Marion
  • 2023:  Tie:  Valley Ag Supply, Spink; Valley Ag Supply, Gayville; Farmers Coop Society, Sioux Center.
  • 2022:  Valley Ag Supply, Gayville
  • 2020:  AgFirst Farmers Coop, Brookings
  • 2019:  Agtegra, Huron
  • 2018:  CHS Inc., Garretson
  • 2017:  Wheat Growers, Huron
  • 2016:  Wheat Growers, Huron
  • 2015: Wheat Growers, Huron
  • 2014: AgFirst Famers Coop
  • 2013: Farmers Coop Association, Canby
  • 2012: AgFirst Farmers Coop, Brookings
  • 2011: Wheat Growers, Chamberlain/Huron/Yale/ Willow Lake - Three way tie for the gold!
  • 2010: Wheat Growers, Stickney
  • 2009: Midwest Cooperatives, Pierre
  • 2008: Midwest Cooperatives, Pierre and Philip
  • 2007: Border States Coop, Sisseton
  • 2006: Turnis Farm Service, Platte

South Dakota's Best Applicator Team:

  • 2024:  Valley Ag Supply, Gayville
  • 2023:  AgFirst Farmes Cooperative, Brookings
  • 2022:  Valley Ag Supply, Gayville
  • 2020:  Four Way Tie:  Valley Ag Supply, Gayville; Central Farmers Coop, Marion; and two teams from AgFirst Farmers Coop, Brookings
  • 2019:  Valley Ag Supply, Gayville
  • 2018:  Agtegra, Chamberlain
  • 2017:  Valley Ag Supply, Gayville
  • 2016:  Valley Ag Supply, Gayville
  • 2015: AgFirst Farmers Coop, Brookings
  • 2014: Three way tie! South Dakota Wheat Growers, Huron; Wittler Farms, Onida; Tabor Lumber, Tabor
  • 2013: AgFirst Farmers Coop, Brookings
  • 2012: Tie, Midwest Coop, Onida and AgFirst Coop, Brookings
  • 2011: AgFirst Farmers Coop, Brookings

Are you up for the challenge?? Get your two-person team together, then register at the Olympics booth at the next Ag Expo. Exhibitors work hard to try to stump you with their questions!

Win cash!
Gold Medalists win $1000 in cash, the title and plaque for the "Best Agronomy OR the Best Applicator Team", and official Olympic Challenge jackets.
Silver Medalists win $700 in cash and official Olympic Challenge jackets.
Bronze Medalists will $500 in cash and official Olympic Challenge jackets.