Why exhibit at the SD Ag Expo?
The SD Ag Expo is the largest, indoor agribusiness tradeshow in the region, with over 1,100 attendees! Ag Expo is held each year at the Convention Center at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. This facility is a modern facility with a 33,200 square foot exhibit hall with 25' ceilings, and connects to the 243-room Sheraton Hotel.  It is conveniently located near I-29 and I-90, less than one mile away from the Joe Foss Field, the state's largest airport.

SD Ag Expo is a great way to gain exposure for your company! Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with hundreds of potential customers in one spot.

Who attends?
Attendees include dealers of fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, seed and equipment; buyers, sellers, brokers, warehousers, and processors of grains, feeds, seeds and related products. 

How is space assigned?
Assignments of the location of all exhibits will be made using the following guidelines:
  • Platinum sponsors will receive first priority for booth location if the contract is returned by the deadline.  All others will be assigned based on first come, first served.  
  • Locations requested by new exhibitors or those requesting additional space will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • SDABA reserves the right to make reasonable shifts in location of an exhibit so that competitors are spaced apart, and for the betterment of Ag Expo.
  • Exhibit space will not be assigned until payment is received.
You have the opportunity on the exhibitor contract to request booth location preferences, as well as list those companies you do not wish to be located by.  Every effort will be made to comply with the indicated preferences.  Please refer to the map to see the booth numbers and space layout.  
The SDABA/SDGFA cannot guarantee that every exhibitor will receive one of their choices, every effort will be made to comply with requests.

How do I get on the mailing list to receive information for next year?
All members receive advanced mailing of the exhibitor packet.  After that, all non-members who are on our mailing list will receive a packet.  If you are not a member and wish to receive a packet, please email us at info@sdaba.org.  If you wish to become a member, please go to our website www.sdaba.org or for grain related membership please go to www.sdgfa.org for more information and to purchase a membership. 

What is provided in the booth?
  • Booths do not contain furniture, carpeting, or electricity.  Booths behind the ballroom are no longer carpeted.  
  • Furniture, carpet and electricity can be ordered from the convention center, a form is provided each year in the exhibitor packet. 
  • All booths except the 10X6 are draped in black. 
  • You don't have to order furniture through the convention center, you may provide your own.
  • The convention center offers free internet.
How do I order furniture, electricity and/or carpet?
You may bring your own furniture, or order furniture from the convention center by using the form that is provided in the packet each year.  This is handled directly between you and the convention center, the SDABA/SDGFA is not involved other than providing the form.  

Do I need to register myself and my booth attendants?
All booth attendants MUST be registered.  Complimentary registrations are not offered for exhibitors.    

Can I ship my booth and/or materials to the venue ahead of time?
Booths may be shipped to the convention center addressed as follows:

Sioux Falls Convention Center
Ag Expo (your company name here)
Booth No. (your assigned booth number here)
1101 N West Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD  57104

For more information on booth shipments, call the convention center at 605/367-4167.

How do I get attendees to visit my booth?
Take opportunities to inform your customers and prospects about your products and services. Take advantage of the following tools to help you drive traffic to your booth and maximize your return on investment:
  • Become a Sponsor--Grab the attention of Ag Expo attendees with a sponsorship. Don't miss out on reaching your target prospects. Sponsors are listed on the program brochure, as well as the website. Platinum sponsors are displayed prominently around the Ag Expo.  Click here for the sponsor form-check back.
  • Participate in the Olympics-The Agronomy and Applicator Olympic Challenge is held on Wednesday, the first day of Ag Expo, as well as for students attending Student Career Day on Thursday. You can participate by offering questions for teams to answer at your booth.   Find the form and information here-check back.
  • Make the Most out of Beverage Tickets-The social is held Wednesday evening, and provides an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to mingle with clients in a relaxed setting. The social lasts a couple hours and includes food, beverages and entertainment. Beverage tickets are available to purchase ahead of time, and during the social, to hand out to clients. Include a beverage ticket with your business card!  Click here to purchase.
Can I have food and/or beverages at my booth?
All food and beverage must be ordered through the Sioux Falls Convention Center. No food or beverage will be permitted into the Sioux Falls Convention Center by any exhibitor, show decorators or any other vendors hired by the exhibiting company without prior approval and written authorization of the food and beverage department. 

Items such as candy bars and bottled water must be purchased from the food and beverage department. A hard candy dish provided complimentary by an exhibitor at their booth may be exempt, as long as the candy is bite sized, individually wrapped in portions of one ounce or less and manufactured in a licensed commercial facility. Contact the sales office at the Convention Center at 605/367-4167.
How do I request a space?
A contract will be made available in September.  This will be mailed to members in advance, and others who have requested to be on our mailing list after that.  The contract will be made available on-line after all the mailings have gone out and people have received their packets.  All space must be reserved via the contract, there is no opportunity to reserve the space on-line.

What spaces are available?
Prior year exhibitors have first opportunity to get their same space back if they return the contract within a certain time frame.  After the time frame, space is assigned on a first come first served basis.  See the maps for an idea of the space.