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AnchorEPA's Recently Announced Changes to Dicamba Label 2020

On October 27, 2020, USEPA issued new registrations for XtendiMax and Engenia, two dicamba products whose labels were cancelled last July 31, 2020. The Agency also extended the registration for Tavium; therefore, all these labels now expire in 2025. No news on the registration for FeXapan yet, but registration for this product would be possible since the XtendiMax registration has been approved. Corteva will likely provide more information on the status of FeXapan.

Bayer has a website with a map of the US showing the states that have adopted the Xtendimax labels and the states that are pending approval.  It stands to reason that once states approve Xtendimax, they will approve Engenia at the same time. 

The main, new points in the product registrations and labels are outlined below, and also explained in the USEPA press release.

  • Requiring an approved pH-buffering agent (also called a Volatility Reduction Agent or VRA) be tank mixed with OTT dicamba products prior to all applications to control volatility.
  • Requiring a downwind buffer of 240 feet to protect sensitive areas, and 310 feet in areas where listed species are located. 
  • Prohibiting OTT application of dicamba on soybeans after June 30 and cotton after July 30. (The cutoff date in South Dakota in 2020 was June 30, 45 days after planting, or R1).
  • The ability to use hooded sprayers to reduce the downwind buffer to 110 feet.
  • Simplifying the label and use directions so that growers can more easily determine when and how to properly apply dicamba.

Dicamba-specific training will AGAIN be required for anyone applying dicamba in 2021.


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Engenia EPA Reg. No.: 7969-345
XtendiMax EPA Reg. No.: 524-617
FeXapan EPA Reg. No.:  352-913

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