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Filtering Out the Noise: 2021 Crop Market Outlook, Frayne Olson, NDSU (1 CM)  View  Print
Where do we go from here?: U.S. – China Trade Agreement, Frayne Olson, NDSU (1 CM)  View  Print
What and How Can I Learn from Precision Ag Data? Peter Kovacs, SDSU (1 SW)  View
Update on South Dakota Nitrogen and Potassium Guidelines, Jason Clark, SDSU (1 NM)  View  Print
Soybean Weed Control Systems:    
Joe Schefers, Bayer View Print
Wyatt Coffman, BASF View Print
Wally West, Syngenta View Print
Steve Snyder, Corteva View Print
Drainage Design for Crop Production and Environmental Impacts, Matt Helmers, IA State (1 SW) View  Print
Old Insect Problems Return and a New Problem Persists, Bruce Potter, UMN (1 PM) View Print
eKonomic Potassium and Phosphorus Nutrient Management, Cristie Preston, Nutrien (1 NM) View  Print
Soybean Disease Management Updates, Daren Mueller, IA State (1 PM) View  Print
The Connection Between Soil Health and Soil Water; Dr Anna Cates, UMN (1 SW) View Print
Global Shifts Impacting the U.S. Fertilizer Market, Melinda Sposari, TFI (1 NM) View Print
Nitrogen Management – Pushing Efficiencies and Yield, Brian Arnall, OK State (1 NM) View Print
Nozzles 101: What to know about them and how do they ACTUALLY Influence your Pesticide Application? Kyle Gustafson, Winfield United (1 PM) View Print



Item Presentations
AM How Can Fertilizer Practice Change Work for You?, Sally Flis, TFI (1 SW)   View  Print
Re-Carbonizing Row Crop Ag Lands, Justin Mount, NRCS (1 NM)  View  Print
Soil and Tissue Analysis for Corn Potassium Management, Robert Miller, Colorado State, (1 NM)  View  Print
Soil Health Testing:  What is Measurable and What is Useful, John S Breker, Agvise Labs (1 NM) View Print
Factors to Consider for Variable Rate Seeding, Mark Licht, IA State (1 CM)  View  Print
Nitrogen Application Timing in Corn and In-Season Soybean Management, Peter Kovaks, SDSU (1 NM)  View  Print
2019 Combining Soil Health and Soil Fertility to Improve Fertility Recommendations, Jason Clark, SDSU (1 SW)  View  Print
Developing a Social Media Presence, Jason Hanson, RockNRoll Agronomy (1 PD)  View Print
Hitch Pins:  A Critical Component, Fred Whitford, Purdue (1 PM) NA View or Print
Working with Straps and Chains to Tie Down Loads, Fred Whitford, Purdue (1 PM) View  Print
The Science of Nitrogen Stabilizers and Additives, Dave Franzen, NDSU (1 SW) View Print
 Impacts of 4R Nitrogen Management on Drainage Water Quality, Matt Helmers, IA State (1 SW) View Print
Ag Economics Outlook, Wes Chambers, FCS (1 CM) View Print 
What's the Big Deal about pH?, Kirk Howatt, NDSU (1 PM) View  Print
Insecticide 101, Adam Varenhorst, SDSU (1 PM) View Print
 Soybean Weed Control Systems, Panel,  (2 CM)
 Joe Schefers, Bayer View Print
Derek Cottrill, BASF View Print
 Steve Snyder, Corteva View Print
Wally West, Syngenta  View Print